10/5/2014 Game Recaps

Two difficult losses today.


The 2nd team had a difficult time with top of the table Shamrock Reserve, with 4 new players and 5 players playing out of position for most of the game. Additionally, they had 4 players who were also missing in action. Big thanks to Mike Michelini (MVP) for his performance in goal, he made some incredible saves and the score might have been worse if it weren't for his performance.


As for the first team, a big thanks goes to Chris Doyle, who coached the entire game. We hope he can keep this up as he recovers from his knee injury. The first team played well, but after taking a 2-1 lead, lost focus and gave up 3 goals in a span of 15 minutes. In the second half, hard work on defense paid off and the Kickers first team capitalized on a mistake by the goalie to being the score back to 4-3. Overall, it was a few defensive lapses on set pieces that were the difference in the game. Kudos to Bernie who yet again played a great game in goal and to Mohammed (MVP) who scored all three goals.