9/27/2015 Game Recaps

O-30s Premier

Kickers Premier played the Greek Americans without 5 starters, most notably Captain Richard Webb, dynamic Joe Whitman, and defensive stalwart Chris Beddows.

The Kickers took the lead in the 18th minute when newcomer Khouri Mullings chipped the Greek goalkeeper. The Kickers dominated play until the 42nd minute when the Greeks walked through the defense like they were daisies and sliced in the equalizer. The Kickers continued to dominate the run of play in the 2nd half. Then Andres Padilla played a nice through ball to Khouri inside the 6-yard box that Khouri dinged off both the near post and far post for the go-ahead goal. But no lead is secure these days with the makeshift Kicker Premier lineup, and the Greeks found the equalizer for the second time in the 68th minute. The Kickers knocked, knocked, and knocked on the door but could not find the winner. It was another frustrating day and start to the season for the Premier side.


The O-30s tied the league leaders CPR Old Boys 0-0, a repeat of a performance against the same team in the first half of last season, and a great improvement vs. the last time the two sides met. 

Congratulations to Raj, the defense (Jesse, Mike, Randy, Greg and Christian), as well as the midfielders (Mads, Pic, Dylan, Joe, Scott) for the shutout. Considering the Old Boys had scored 8 goals in the two matches prior to playing the Kickers, this speaks well for their quality at defense.

The Kickers started off the game in defensive mode, but rather shakily, giving away the ball easily, and were pinned in their own half for a bit. But the two walls of four held strong with Jesse sweeping effectively. The Kickers then began to make head way into the other half, earning a few good breakaways, and by end of the half, were back into the game.

In the second half, the Kickers switched to a more offensive 4-4-2, twinning Paul and Ibrahim up front, and pushing Randy up into the midfield, causing the Old Boys defense significant problems. The Kickers dominated play in their half in the first 15-20 minutes and had several chances. The tide turned again as they ran out of steam a bit and we were pinned in their own half. One real scare came when a shot from 30 yards looked to be a repeat of a similar goal from last season, but Raj, fresh from his European tournament, managed to palm it over the bar.

The Kickers had a great chance to win it in the last few minutes when Mads streaked, stumbled, and then steadied himself to cross from the right corner onto Ibrahim's leaping header, which came off the post onto Paul's left foot a yard from goal—but Paul uncharacteristically hit it straight and low at the keeper. The Kickers could have very easily walked away with three points, having played the Old Boys well at their level.