State Cup Forfeits, O-30s Split - 10/15 Game Recaps

First Team

The Manhattan Kickers first team advanced to the next round of the Manning Cup after NY Polet had to forfeit because their roster blew away in the wind and they could not find a new one until the ref had already called the match. This is not a joke. This really happened.

Second Team

The Manhattan Kickers second team also advanced on a forfeit because their opponent could not field a roster.

Over-30 Premier

The previous undefeated Cosmoz held their own against the Kickers Over-30 Premier in the first half at Buswhick Terminal Park in Brooklyn. The Kickers were the more dominate side, but Cozmoz had their opportunities. Then in the 39th minute, Ardian found pay-dirt on the cross from Colin O'Banion. Up 1-nil at halftime, this was still anybody's game.

Early in the second half, Filip Loncar (MVP) hit home on the assist from Mo Osman. Then in the 51st minute Cosmoz were awarded a PK. FitzGerald held his line and made the save. The tide turned and the spirited Kickers secured a PK of their own when Ardian drew the penalty and Khouri Mullings (53rd) converted. From that point forward the Kickers opened up the scoring; Khouri from Marko (64th), Filip from Nick (71st), Marko's beautiful strike (73rd min). The Cosmoz would get one back on a counter in the 85th but the Kickers would respond in the 89th with Filip Loncar completing the hat-trick.

Over-30 Legends

CPR Gray were a competent enough team, with their number 11 the main play maker, which the Legends found out when he was left with enough time to open scoring from distance (30 yards), lobbing Guillermo. The Legends did manage to threaten but not convincingly, as both sides created few chances. Yadh had a great run into the box that would have given the Legends the equalizer, but the keeper got a hand to it. The first half should have ended like that, but CPR Grays capitalized effectively on a soft backward pass to counter down the right, feeding an unmarked forward for their second goal just before the half-way mark. Two down, but with new resolve, Kickers Legends came out strong in the second half with formation changed to 3-5-2 and around the 55th minute, executed some classy passing that started with Kevin and ended with a DJ cross to Joe to nod in the start of the comeback. Kickers Legends continued to press for the equalizer and it finally came at the 75th minute from John’s deflected shot. At 2-2 and 15 minutes to play, CPR Grays pushed forward and caught them thin in the back, and scored two goals in which an offside player was involved. The Kickers Legends 2017 cup campaign was over, losing 4-2, and their focus shifted back to the league.