A Win and a Win and a Draw - 3/18 Game Recaps

First Team

The Kickers first team took a point from Doxa SC in a cold, windy game that could have went handily in either direction. The Kickers were on the unfortunate side of a questionable penalty kick in the middle of the first half and had to dig their way out of a 1-0 hole. Late in the first half Brian Morris scored a turnaround volley to tie the score at 1-1. With the wind at their backs, the Kickers pressed forward, creating numerous chances around the box but lacking the final finish in all instances. The Kickers spent much of the 2nd half on their heels, but luckily the Doxa SC attackers were equally as poor in front of goal and couldn't find the game winning goal.

MOTM: Mokrane Ait Belkacem

Second Team

In one of the best performances of the season, the Reserve team got revenge the Doxa Reserves. Having faced the Kickers in the first split when they could only muster 10 players after a horrendous injury to Rodney Laveau, the Doxa Reserves seemed to come into the game expecting a similarly easy game, sitting back and allowing the Kickers to play. With plenty of time and space, the Kickers thrived, with the central midfielders thriving in particular, spreading the play and running Doxa ragged. Plenty of chances were created only to be stopped either by the referees questionable offsides calls or by our own mistakes. A good passage of play lead to Antonio Ruiz bursting through down the middle with the defenders grasping at any opportunity to stop him. Unfortunately, the only opportunity to do so was literally grabbing him, and down Antonio went, earning a penalty which designated penalty kicker Almir Hot dispatched with ease. Unfortunately for the Kickers this was not the only penalty decision in the game with one of the few Doxa attacks ending in a powerful if mistimed challenge by Fabrizio Lepiz. There was renewed vigor and urgency from the Kickers and specifically Fabrizio, determined to make amends in the second half when he barreled into and through his defender (legally) before laying a perfect cross onto the boot of Jared Lichtarge to power into the gaping net to earn the Kickers a comfortable 2-1 win.

MOTM: Jonas Jensen

Over-30 Premier

Same team, same time, same place and nearly the same result. The Kickers opened the scoring in the 18th minute when Seamus Kelly found Ardian Hasko for the nice finish. The Kickers would hit the post twice and keep the pressure on the opposition. Hoboken, with the help of a 20 mile an hour wind at their backs would get a few good looks of their own, but the defense lead by Filip Loncar and Mike Zaborki held them at bay.  In the 30th minute, Hoboken broke through but FitzGerald would get a "bear-paw" on it to push the shot aside. In the 52nd minute, Ardian would find Nick Bill for nifty flick to take the 2-nil lead.  In the 60th minute, Ardian would pay one back to Seamus, who would score for the 3rd goal of the match. In the 80th minute, Nick Bill would return the favor to Ardian for his 2nd goal of the match. With today's victory, the Kickers moved back ahead of the Shamrocks by 2 points and still have a game in hand.

MOTM: Ardian Hasko